Music, Dancing and BBQ at Colston's

A great night with music, dancing a BBQ and catching up with friends old & new!

Mad Apple Circus rock at Colston's Mad Apple Circus rock at Colston's
On a wonderfully sunny warm Saturday evening on June 9th we had a very enjoyable event at the OCs pavilion here at Colston’s, Stapleton. 

A delicious lamb roast BBQ was put on for us from the excellent Iron Acton pub, The Lamb. Many thanks to Brendan & Tracey for such yummy food!  

Derek and his team were kept busy at the bar keeping the crowd cool. Thanks folks! 

For the entertainment we had an amazing performance form local Bristol band, Mad Apple Circus. A very talented Bristolian nine-piece band that are fast becoming a festival favourite and a popular choice among promoters in the UK and Europe. They have an original blend of horn-fuelled styles, built on Ska/Hip-Hop/Jazz and Latin grooves. We can highly recommend them! 

Energy and talent was boundless, we danced and sang well into the evening and even those who were not so keen on a boogie had to tap their feet. 

It was an excellent event and we thank Peter Beasley OC very much for organising the Band and Lamb Roast. 

For many of us this was the last time we saw our dear friend Ian Gunn. A wonderful supporter of all things connected with Colston’s. He will be missed so much by so many.

Please see the photo gallery of the evening. 

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